Got a programme but don't like it?

Sick of the same exercises every week?

Maybe you don't have a programme?

Every day in the gym people waste their time doing the same thing over and over or just don’t know what they should do. MiFitness online programmes give you a guide to follow, to keep you motivated and most importantly to get you results. Each programme is tailored towards your needs and will change as and when your needs change.

Your programme will be set to your individual goals and level of fitness. Training will be varied and can be solely gym work, outdoor training or a combination of the two. Your personal trainer will also schedule in any sports you play or even consider the nights out you might have.

The interactive calendar helps you to plan sessions around your other commitments. The MiFitness personal trainer will set it for you and then you can adapt it as and when your plans change.

To help to show you how to carry out some of the gym based exercises which are used MiFitness has got together with four athletes to produce video clips of each exercise. These include teaching points to help point out the specifics of each exercise.

These athletes are:
Thom Evans (Rugby)
Peter Jericevich (Rugby)
Emma Mason (Badminton)
Sarah Hood (Athletics)

As part of each of the packages you also get athlete profiles from top class international athletes. Each month MiFitness chats to athletes to find out how they train and ask for top tips to improve your performance. They include their favourite meals and recipes as well as the music which gets them going!

Get all of this plus much more by registering for a monthly programme now!